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"Exploring the future"

Supporting Industry

"A Synergy betweenTechnology, Innovation and Skilled workers"

A synergy between technological innovations, skilled workers of the A.F. Group Supporting Industries Companies, is our core strength.

Ranging from
3D CAD ONE STOP SERVICE to the Leading High Precision Mold Making services to any Large Plastic Injection and Blow Molds for Automotive Parts and also Electroless Nickel Plating services.

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K.V.S.Plating Co.,Ltd.

Japanese technology plating company specializing in electroless nickel plating of electronic and automotive parts. Supporting for both Electronic industry & Automotive.

Tel: +(66 35) 716 644

Fax: +(66 35) 716 655


B.S.Kamiya Co.,Ltd.

A Joint Venture company between K.V.S.Plating Co.,Ltd. and Kamiya Riken Co.,Ltd. specializing in zinc-nickel plating.

Tel: +(66 35) 716 644

Fax: +(66 35) 716 655


Kamiya Riken (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Another Joint Venture “Plating” company after B.S. Kamiya Co., Ltd. will provide best solution of metal surface finishing under the newest Green & Clean plating technology.

Tel: +(66 36) 374 257-8

Fax: +(66 36) 374 259

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