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"Exploring the future"

Investment & Ventures

The Leading Chemical Company specialized in

"Chemical Blowing Agent".

Venture capital, management and business formation consultancy company specialized in Human resource, Financial & Accounting, Laws & regulation, Investment.

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A.F.Alliance Co., Ltd.

A venture capital management and business formation consultancy company. We are not only providing the financial support but also the networking and knowledgeable team who understands the market and always seeking for any challenges.

Tel: +(66 2) 240 2423

Fax: +(66 2) 240 3539

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Ceramica Image Co.,Ltd.

Lifetime memorizing world's most prestige historical through images on ceramic with finest printing technology from Japan.

Tel: +(66 2) 240 2432

Fax: +(66 2) 240 3539


Japan Photo Ceramic Co., Ltd.

The finest printed technology on ceramic board from Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Co., Ltd. for creative commercial purposes and preservative the world masterpiece painting.

Tel: +(66 2) 240 2423

Fax: +(66 2) 240 3539


Ooparts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Provides quality solution for tile installation using Striving method.

Tel: +(66 2) 960 0115-6

Fax: +(66 2) 960 0117


Tamasu Butterfly (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Local subsidiary of Tamasu Japan, Number 1 in Table Tennis Products under the brand of “BUTTERFLY”.

Tel: Tel: +95 1 430078 to 87


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