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"Exploring the future"

Affiliated Companies

The Leading Chemical Company specialized in

"Chemical Blowing Agent".

A synergy between technological innovations, skilled workers of The A.F. Group Partners Industries Companies, is our core strength.

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Automotive Mold Technology Co.,Ltd

Best equipped Mold Maker in Rayong, Thailand. Subsidiary of Creative Technology Inc. (Japan) specializing in large plastic injection and blow molds for automotive parts.

Tel: +(66 38) 956 151-3 

Fax: +(66 38) 956 155


Yamashita Mold (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

With over 30+ years of experience, The nation leading high precision mold maker specializing in plastic injection molds for connectors used in automobiles.

Tel : +(66 38) 956 141 
Fax : +(6638) 956 147

KTX Thai Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electroforming Mask Jig for Automobile Components and Electrical Parts.

Tel:  +(66 38) 743-190

Fax: +(66 38) 743-189


Taisei Plas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

The world renowned as a Leading Blow Molding company for automotive industry from Nagoya, Japan. We unveil many innovative products of soft elastomer and hard material injection technology with injection molding.

Tel:  +(66 38) 346 205

Fax: +(66 38) 346 207

Datec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic parts including "Injection" and "Assembly Line" which are mainly supplied to the major automobile industry.

Tel: +(66 2) 397 9280

Fax: +(66 2) 397 9285


Willgrow Thai Co., Ltd.

The best partner for Japanese Companies which interested in investment in Thailand by matching companies, start-up business, consulting and administration works.

Tel: +(66 2) 108 2245

Fax: +(66 2) 108 2312

Nippon Fusso (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Coating and lining technologies that utilize the characteristics of fluoropolymer.

Tel:  +(66 38) 950 747

Shigeru (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

An established first-tier Automotive parts company based in Japan, Shigeru is the manufacturer & agricultural machinery parts which always outsourcing and trading for automotive parts.

Tel: +(66 38) 606 030

Fax: +(66 38) 606 029

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