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Affiliated Companies

The Leading Chemical Company specialized in

"Chemical Blowing Agent".

A synergy between technological innovations, skilled workers of The A.F. Group Partners Industries Companies, is our core strength.



Automotive Mold Technology Co.,Ltd

Best equipped Mold Maker in Rayong, Thailand. Subsidiary of Creative Technology Inc. (Japan) specializing in large plastic injection and blow molds for automotive parts.

Tel: +(66 38) 956 151-3 

Fax: +(66 38) 956 155

Email:  info@amt.co.th


Yamashita Mold (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

With over 30+ years of experience, The nation leading high precision mold maker specializing in plastic injection molds for connectors used in automobiles.

Tel : +(66 38) 956 141 
Fax : +(6638) 956 147
Email: office-1@ymt.co.th

KTX Thai Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electroforming Mask Jig for Automobile Components and Electrical Parts.

Tel:  +(66 38) 743-190

Fax: +(66 38) 743-189

Email:  info@ktxthai.co.th


Taisei Plas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

The world renowned as a Leading Blow Molding company for automotive industry from Nagoya, Japan. We unveil many innovative products of soft elastomer and hard material injection technology with injection molding.

Tel:  +(66 38) 346 205

Fax: +(66 38) 346 207 


Datec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic parts including "Injection" and "Assembly Line" which are mainly supplied to the major automobile industry.

Tel: +(66 2) 397 9280

Fax: +(66 2) 397 9285

Email:  mail@datec.co.th


Willgrow Thai Co., Ltd.

The best partner for Japanese Companies which interested in investment in Thailand by matching companies, start-up business, consulting and administration works.

Tel: +(66 2) 108 2245

Fax: +(66 2) 108 2312


Nippon Fusso (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Coating and lining technologies that utilize the characteristics of fluoropolymer.

Tel:  +(66 38) 950 747


Shigeru (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

An established first-tier Automotive parts company based in Japan, Shigeru is the manufacturer & agricultural machinery parts which always outsourcing and trading for automotive parts.

Tel: +(66 38) 606 030

Fax: +(66 38) 606 029