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The Leading Chemical Company specialized in "Chemical Blowing Agent". We are Thai manufacturer and distributor of one the largest Blowing Agent for rubber and plastic industries in Thailand and the Worldwide.

Supporting Industry

A synergy between technological innovations, skilled workers of the A.F. Group Supporting Industries Companies, is our core strength.

Investment & Ventures

Venture capital, management and business formation consultancy company specialized in Human resource, Financial & Accounting, Laws & regulation, Investment.

Affiliated Companies

A synergy between technological innovations, skilled workers of The A.F. Group Partners Industries Companies, is our core strength.

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A.F.Bells Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Trading firm with 30 years of experience specializing in chemicals and machinery for the rubber and plastics industries.

A.F.Goodrich Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

First Thai Manufacturer of organic 
chemical foaming agents since 1987.

A.F.Supercell Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of a variety of specialty chemicals including organic chemical foaming agents, new expansion under BOI promotion.

A.F.Seikoh Co.,Ltd.

Joint venture with Japanese based company Seikoh, one of the most famous manufacturer of "LuckSkin" surface coating agents for synthetic leathers using newest raw material and environmental friendly from Seikoh Chemicals Co.,Ltd., Japan.

A.F.Alliance Co., Ltd.

A venture capital management and business formation consultancy company. We are not only providing the financial support but also the networking and knowledgeable team who understands the market and always seeking for any challenges.

B.G.S.International Co.,Ltd.

The first Thai manufacturer of "EcoRubber" - high quality Modified Elastomer/ Polymer from NTR (Non Tire Rubber) scraps in Thailand under BOI promotion. Equipped with the latest technology in reclaimed non-tyre rubber polymer with advanced manufacturing system.

Kamiya Riken (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Another Joint Venture “Plating” company after B.S. Kamiya Co., Ltd. will provide best solution of metal surface finishing under the newest Green & Clean plating technology.

Tamasu Butterfly (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Local subsidiary of Tamasu Japan, Number 1 in Table Tennis Products under the brand of “BUTTERFLY”.

K.V.S.Plating Co.,Ltd.

Japanese technology plating company specializing in electroless nickel plating of electronic and automotive parts. Supporting for both Electronic industry & Automotive.

B.S.Kamiya Co.,Ltd.

A Joint Venture company between K.V.S.Plating Co.,Ltd. and Kamiya Riken Co.,Ltd. specializing in zinc-nickel plating.

Yamashita Mold (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

With over 30+ years of experience, The nation leading high precision mold maker specializing in plastic injection molds for connectors used in automobiles.

Taisei Plas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

The world renowned as a Leading Blow Molding company for automotive industry from Nagoya, Japan. We unveil many innovative products of soft elastomer and hard material injection technology with injection molding.

Automotive Mold Technology Co.,Ltd

Best equipped Mold Maker in Rayong, Thailand. Subsidiary of Creative Technology Inc. (Japan) specializing in large plastic injection and blow molds for automotive parts.

Ooparts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Provides quality solution for tile installation using Striving method.

A.F. Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

MASTERBATCH BLOWING AGENT in form of pellet as been developed to be suitable for many kind of foaming processes such as extrusion, injection, rotation molding, etc.

Willgrow Thai Co., Ltd.

The best partner for Japanese Companies which interested in investment in Thailand by matching companies, start-up business, consulting and administration works.

Datec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic parts including "Injection" and "Assembly Line" which are mainly supplied to the major automobile industry.

Shigeru (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

An established first-tier Automotive parts company based in Japan, Shigeru is the manufacturer & agricultural machinery parts which always outsourcing and trading for automotive parts.

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Ceramica Image Co.,Ltd.

Lifetime memorizing world's most prestige historical through images on ceramic with finest printing technology from Japan.

A.F. Alliance (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.

The first foot step in AEC in Yangon will accelerate both trading and investment activities between Myanmar and Thailand.

Japan Photo Ceramic Co., Ltd.

The finest printed technology on ceramic board from Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Co., Ltd. for creative commercial purposes and preservative the world masterpiece painting.

Nippon Fusso (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Coating and lining technologies that utilize the characteristics of fluoropolymer.

KTX Thai Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Electroforming Mask Jig for Automobile Components and Electrical Parts.

A.F. Preknead Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of masterbatch rubber chemicals or rubber binder such as curing agent, crosslinking agent, and other additives.

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