The rapid development of the World economy has provided us with many opportunities. We believe that A.F. Group Companies will play more significant role in Thai's economic development in the future.

We believe we are one of the most recognizable for Chemical Blowing Agent provider in Thailand, we will continue to improve our company by expanding our production capacity and distribution capabilities, and ourexceptional services. We expect our growth strategy involving increased utilization of our know-how chemical technological advance through our related chemical industry lines, which will help us achieve our goal of becoming a dominant worldwide player in the chemical industry.

In addition, we expect rapid growth from the portfolio of specialty chemical products manufactured ranging from the athlete footwear, automotive,and household product industries. We are also currently focusing on developing more environmentally friendly chemical products, as we believe increased environmental awareness will drive demand for these products.

Our company recognizes innovation as critical for our long term growth strategy. We continuously seek to develop technology-intensive chemical products, efficient management procedures and manufacturing processes, and improved marketing and sales services. This strategy enables us to create a broad product portfolio that adjusts to the increasingly sophisticated requirements of our customers.

A.F. Group aspires to maintain its position as a prominent player in Thai's Chemical Blowing Agent and specialty chemical industrial products, while obtaining international recognition. We embrace your continuing support throughout this journey.


Rungroj Bandapraneat,
Chairman of the Board